Hottest Halloween makeup inspo from Instagram

Holla! Halloween is every makeup lover’s fave time of year right? Where everyone gets to release their inner MUA and get a bit crazy and experimental with their look, it’s the perfect excuse to spend hours in front of the mirror in makeup land letting loose with the facepaint, and glitter! And let’s not forget all the practice runs (which annoyingly always turn out perfect and impossible to recreate)!! This is serious business, it’s time to start prepping gals. Here are our 10 favourite Halloween makeup looks from Instagram to give you some inspo and get the creative juices flowing.

Pirates and Halloween go hand in hand! @bybrookelle is showing us how it’s done! This is a super easy look to achieve, just smudge out a darker shadow than your everyday over your eyes, team with some lippy and some pirate-like accessories and you’re winning.

You can’t go too far wrong with a sexy cat outfit on Halloween! Cat makeup is so flattering for some reason! @makeupbyleyla is nailing it, and those contacts finish the look off purrfectly!

@jamiegenevieve slaying the classic half skeleton Halloween look. This isn’t just makeup, this is art!

You can’t get any girlier than @amythemermaidx! How gorgeous is her look. Unicorns are most definitely the most scary things to dress up as for Halloween!

Alice in Wonderland themed costumes are always a Halloween favourite! We LOVE this white rabbit makeup from @beauty.x.jenna she is so talented!

Another spooky one from @monicarosemua. Who says Halloween costumes have to be scary anyway! When else do you get the opportunity to dress up as a mermaid?! Christmas? Nope.

HOW does @brookelle still look this good with fake blood all over her face?! It’s not okay. But hey if you want something a bit gorier this joker inspired look is the one.

This white sugar skull style makeup from @rushanaisaacs is sooo pretty and girly with just the right amount of spookiness!

This unzipped zipper makeup from @amberroseoatman is one for the girls who just want to give their everyday makeup a Halloweeny edge  

One for the Suicide Squad fans! @beeisforbeauty is killin’ it.

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Makeup trends to try for Autumn/Winter 2016

Hey Ruby Girls! Want the lowdown on this season’s hot new beauty trends? Look no further, Ruby’s got it covered!

This season it’s all about individualism and embracing your beautiful features! The Autumn/Winter fashion weeks saw dark lips, grown up glitter and flushed cheeks take centre stage, while liner got graphic and brows and lashes became bold!

Here are five of our favourite looks for AW16 that could be incorporated into your makeup routine..

Vampy Lips

As the air gets chillier, the vibes get vampier and lips get darker! Deeper lips for Autumn is a classic, from ruby reds to bold berry colours and coppery browns, this Autumn/Winter look is here to stay! As the glitter bug is going around this season, Ruby’s Shimmer Lipgloss in Ruby Red and Brown are perfect to keep you on trend!

Flushed Cheeks

It’s time to embrace your girliest blusher shades! At Vivienne Westwood there was a romantic, ethereal vibe to the makeup, and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocked their perfect complections at Balmain. To achieve this look try Ruby’s L.A. Sheer Contour Kit, which includes a perfect pink blush, as our contour kit is powder based it is great for creating a gorgeous natural looking complection, a powder contour allows you to build up the perfect amount of colour to create a sheer, naturally flushed effect for Autumn, and avoids the dreaded ‘cakey’ look which is never in!

Graphic Liner

Okay so this is a bit of a crazy look, probably not one for walking the dogs. But if you’re brave and you’re into a bit of crazy experimental makeup this one is for you! The recent Fashion weeks have seen models rocking this look down the runway at Topshop Unique, Jeremy Scott, Simone Rocha, Giamba, Ryan Lo and Kenzo to just name a few!

Bold Natural Brows

The big brows trend continues its reign, only this time the emphasis is on their natural beauty so throw away the tweezers girls and let your brows do their thing. So this is great but not all of us were blessed with naturally thick and bold brows so to create the impression of fuller brows try our Ruby Brow Powder, in colours ranging from Irid Brown to Charcoal, we’ve got you covered. Find out what colour you should be using in our guide for naturally full looking brows! The brow kits include stencils so you can master that perfect natural shape.

Textured Eyes

Fashion weeks saw designers such as Emporio Armani and Jason Wu present some eccentric ways to make your eyes pop, from foiled lids, broken glass effects, glitter and messy clumped lashes against fresh skin. This is probably another one for the more daring but you could create a more toned down version by using a shimmery shadow, or using a brown mascara instead of black when layering up the lashes!
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Perfect contouring for Christmas

The clever art of contouring has been around for a good few years now, and it’s an absolutely perfect way to highlight your natural features and create the celebrity-style makeup look that you’ve always wished for.

If you ask your mum, she might’ve had a go at contouring in the eighties to little effect, but makeup technology has fast-forwarded so much in the past decade that it’s so hard to keep up!
Our soft palette of gorgeous powder colours has been specially selected to suit a wide variety of skin tones and is the perfect way to create your next night-out look.

When you're embarking on your contour journey with Ruby, remember these important tips...

Your base is your best friend! Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone with the finish you need. This way, the contour shade for your shadows will be darker, and the highlighter will really accentuate your gorgeous features!
Stay subtle at first - people will definitely notice a difference. Sure, you can go more drastic in contrast, but for real life, it can look jarring if you're not an expert blender. So start subtle, it'll be enough to make a difference.

Think matte for exaggerating shadows and shimmer for highlighting. In other words, the areas you want to recede, you want to keep shimmer-free. Sparkle will only draw attention, which is why it's good for high points you want to make pop like your cheekbones.

If you have dark skin, concentrate on highlighting more than deepening the shadows of your face. Since a dark skin tone already plays up the shadowy areas, highlighting is the key to contouring for you.

When it's time to apply here's what to remember:

The general areas you want to darken are the line under your cheekbones (where your cheeks naturally indent), the area around your hairline, your jawline (to make your face look slimmer and more oval), and the sides or your nose up into the creases of your eyes. You can also bring the darker shade under your chin and down your neck if you want to hide a double chin.

The places to hit with a lighter shade: under the eyes, in the flat area in the centre of your forehead, the centre of your chin and the strip down the middle of your nose.

Blend, blend, blend. Our powder palette is so perfect for blending - just use a big brush to blur the lines of your contouring away to get an airbrushed effect.

For even more fab ideas and tips, check out or Facebook Page, for links to video tutorials, special offers and much more.

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