Perfect contouring for Christmas

The clever art of contouring has been around for a good few years now, and it’s an absolutely perfect way to highlight your natural features and create the celebrity-style makeup look that you’ve always wished for.

If you ask your mum, she might’ve had a go at contouring in the eighties to little effect, but makeup technology has fast-forwarded so much in the past decade that it’s so hard to keep up!
Our soft palette of gorgeous powder colours has been specially selected to suit a wide variety of skin tones and is the perfect way to create your next night-out look.

When you're embarking on your contour journey with Ruby, remember these important tips...

Your base is your best friend! Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone with the finish you need. This way, the contour shade for your shadows will be darker, and the highlighter will really accentuate your gorgeous features!
Stay subtle at first - people will definitely notice a difference. Sure, you can go more drastic in contrast, but for real life, it can look jarring if you're not an expert blender. So start subtle, it'll be enough to make a difference.

Think matte for exaggerating shadows and shimmer for highlighting. In other words, the areas you want to recede, you want to keep shimmer-free. Sparkle will only draw attention, which is why it's good for high points you want to make pop like your cheekbones.

If you have dark skin, concentrate on highlighting more than deepening the shadows of your face. Since a dark skin tone already plays up the shadowy areas, highlighting is the key to contouring for you.

When it's time to apply here's what to remember:

The general areas you want to darken are the line under your cheekbones (where your cheeks naturally indent), the area around your hairline, your jawline (to make your face look slimmer and more oval), and the sides or your nose up into the creases of your eyes. You can also bring the darker shade under your chin and down your neck if you want to hide a double chin.

The places to hit with a lighter shade: under the eyes, in the flat area in the centre of your forehead, the centre of your chin and the strip down the middle of your nose.

Blend, blend, blend. Our powder palette is so perfect for blending - just use a big brush to blur the lines of your contouring away to get an airbrushed effect.

For even more fab ideas and tips, check out or Facebook Page, for links to video tutorials, special offers and much more.

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